Diversity, equality Men – Women… are very clear realities that the law provides. While parity Men – Women’s mostly a legal approach, a legal interaction between men and women in the company; In H.First, we work on natural complementarity between women and men; with the aim of implementing a peaceful tripartite relationship, efficient, between men and women at the company’s service performance and individual development. Our program transforms the communication capacity of our participants and deliver the keys to the grip of influence circuits to rebalance trade within the corporate ecosystem.

It is indeed high time to admit and understand that women bring a complementary vision to men. They bring an added value to the business efficiently while keeping their full personality; it is the subject that H.FIRST is working to develop and bring to light today. Our program aims to be humanist and not a feminist, it aims to rebalance gender relations and give the company the opportunity to involve and enhance its entire human capital.

H.First offers the best integration of the criteria of efficient diversity, through the development of know-how to be and know-how to do of each employee. H.First offers women a tremendous opportunity to better calibrate their internal capacity to remove the obstacles that hinder the expression of any legitimate ambition, while remaining themselves, to better adapt their capacity to engage themselves into the company’s success.

Welcoming people who share our values, this program is meaningful to all employees. It brings together the positive energies available in the company.

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